I studied Architecture at Art College and spent the first part of my working life designing private houses. This involved me in all aspects of designing and detailing from the building itself, through the interior fit out to fittings, furniture and furnishings so I saw the whole process of making a house and, more importantly, a home.

During this time I developed a practice of working which brought materials and making into the design process. Rather than have things made by the larger commercial workshops I sought out skilled cabinet makers, metalworkers, leather workers, masons and others. These were often one man bands and, as was once pointed out to me by a friend “the best makers just want to make” so a framework had to be devised whereby they could be allowed to do what they do best at the same time as being integrated into the complexities of a detailed building project.
As well as looking for skilled makers I also sought out more unusual and exceptional materials - things that you might come across every once in a while but cannot just go out and buy. It was this search that really led to me making a sideways shift into working on smaller furniture and cabin making projects.

I have always preferred the idea of walking all of a small path to walking part of a larger one.

My work today draws upon my background in that I work collaboratively with a range of skilled makers and continue to source difficult to find materials for use in my projects, particularly large boards of UK grown timber.

Examples of my work are shown on this site and include furniture, interiors and timber cabins, all of which are made to commission.

How I work

Each project is different but the following sets out a typical path between inquiry and finished product for a piece of furniture:

An initial meeting is held with the client to discuss the commission, look at the location and show examples of previous work and generic materials samples;
From this a more detailed brief / proposal is drawn up and budget costs and timescales confirmed;
The commission is confirmed and a deposit paid following which detailed drawings and specific samples are produced and materials selected - the client can be more or less involved in this process as they wish, but at the least we would send images for approval of significant selected materials such as the board for a table;
Drawings and details are signed off by the client and the making process begins. Again the client is welcome to be as involved as they wish to be throughout this stage;
Workshop making and finishing are completed and the final payment made prior to delivery - on larger projects staged payments are made against an agreed schedule.

Please contact me if you’d like to talk about a potential project, however large or small.
If there is an empathy between it and what I do then I will be interested and happy to discuss how I might become involved.